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# Name Position
1 Mary Beth Koch Executive Director
2 Michelle Brislin Program Administrator
3 Joell Martinelli Director of Marketing and Fundraising
4 Lou Pilati Business Manager
5 Megan Judd Administrative Assistant
6 Mary Ellen Lieb Administrative Assistant
7 Andrea Dinner Early Preschool Teacher
8 Lori Heisner Preschool Teacher
9 Leighann Molinaro Preschool Teacher
10 Joann Babbish Preschool Assistant
11 Jayne Burns Preschool Assistant
12 Michelle Labenburg Preschool Assistant
13 Jane Roda Infant Program/OT
14 Maura Dryfoos Speech Therapist
15 Lorraine Marcus Academic Helper Program Teacher
16 Amanda Tarapchak Academic Helper Program Teacher
17 Maureen Cherenyack Academic Helper Program Teacher Assistant

Please Invest in the Life of a Child and help the children in our community be the best they can be!
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The Helping Hands Society is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization